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Dr. John Gottman's research 戈特曼的科学研究

BeHappy Eight Dating Coach(8次约会教练指导)

New relationship couple or long-term relationship 刚确立恋爱关系/新婚夫妇/老夫老妻

  • 1 h
  • 599 British pounds
  • Zoom Video Meeting/腾讯会议

Service Description

如果你已经牵手成功,我们将为你们提供8次约会指导,该方法基于美国爱情科学家约翰戈特曼(Dr. Jonh Gottman)教授50年的科学研究。帮助您从8个维度:信任、冲突、性爱、金钱、家庭、娱乐、成长、梦想,全方位和约会对象,指导你们科学相爱,让你更加深刻地理解你的伴侣,了解你们的相似点和不同点。 我们的8次约会指导能帮助您以下几个方面: 1.对于刚刚确定恋爱关系,还不确定对方是不是你将与之共度一生的人,通过8次深入的约会对话,就能发现对方是否是你想要找的那个人,避免和错误的人结婚的痛苦。 2.如果你发现和他/她很合拍,那么这些约会能帮助你更好地了解你们之间的差异。避免今后因为一些“永久性问题”或难以改变的差异发生矛盾。 3. 如果你们正处于稳定的长期关系中,那么这些约会对话可以让你们增进感情,减少矛盾,或许还能让你们重新认识对方,让你们重新回到刚恋爱时那种一刻也不想与对方分开、对对方充满好奇心的状态。 备注: 1.每次约会指导时间为30分钟(总共4小时)(4999RMB/人)这是第一次约会指导预定时间。 2.约会过程,需全程录像,供研究和分析数据,如您预约服务,意味着您已经接受我们的数据2隐私协议,详细参见 If you meet your dating partner for the first time, we'll give you dating coach based on the science of love, Our 8 dating coach service can help you with: 1. If you date with your dating partner successful, we will provide you with Eight Dates Coaching serivice, based on 50 years of scientific research by American love scientist Dr. Jonh Gottman. It will help you know your partner deeply from 8 dimensions: Trust & Commitment, Conflict, Sex & Intimacy, Work & Money, Family, Fun & Adventure, Growth & Spirituality, Dreams. All of dates subjects will guide you to love each other scientifically, let you know your partner deeply, including your similarities and differences. 2.If your relationship is new, and you're wondering if this person you're dating is "the one", we encourage you to take the time with this 8 Dates subjects, that you'll utimately determine your happiness (or mistery) later. If you're not right for each other, you'll save yourself years of heartache and wrong marriage. 3.If you find your dating partner match for your perfectly, these 8 dates coaching can help you better understand your differences. Prevent conflict down the road over some "Perpetual problems" and unchangeable differences. If you're in a long-term relationship, these dates will help you have the conversations that'll strengthen your relationship and reduce conflict. They may even help you get to know each other all over again, and return to those times when you would stay all all night talking and couldn't wait to learn more about each other. Remark: 1.Each appointment is 30 minutes/coaching (4 hours in total)(799USD, change by exchange rate). This is the first appointment coaching topic scheduled time. 2.The entire process needs to be recorded for research and data analysis. If you book the service, it means that you have accepted our data privacy agreement. For details, please refer to

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us before 24 hours! Thanks! WeChat ID: BEHAPPY ID 取消或重新预约,请提前24小时联络我们!谢谢!

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+440870 350 1298

2 Frederick Street, London, United Kingdom

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