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Our Vision

Every couple deserves happy relationship

Our Mission

Love, Go Digital!

Help couples fall in love and love forever!


Meet The Team


Krystal Yu

Founder & CEO

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MBA in University of Manchester

MEng Software in Peking University

Gottman 7 Principles Leader

3 Years Relationship Coach

10+ Years B2B Sales in IBM/SAP

Developer/Tester in Microsoft


Alan Tan

Co-Founder & CTO

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MSc.Data Science in UC Berkeley

MBA in Northwestern University

MIS B.A. in Tsinghua University 

Serial Entrepreneur, CTO@ UltraPower(IPO)

20+ Years tech director @ SAP/Siemens

Write software code start age 6


Kathy Yu

Co-founder & CPO

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MSc. Psychology in University of Liverpool

MEng Software in Peking University

British Psychological Membership

3 Years Couple Therapist

5 Years PM @ Huawei/Intel/19Pay

5 Years Quality Assurance @ IBM

Our Story

BeaHppy Emotion AI mission is "Love, Go digital!" ,we generate value for company from couple relationship management to improve employee productivity and human wellbeing with Emotion AI.

10 years ago, Krystal Yu, Founder of BeHappy got divorced. She spent 5 years recovering from the emotion trauma. She is not alone; global divorce rate is almost 50%. There are 2.6 million Singles in China. General Z fear of marriage, marriage rate and birth rate decease a lot.


Relationship breaks up will lead to mental health issue, such as loneliness, depressed, anxiety, etc. Relationship breakup also hurt our immune system and may make people die 4 years early. Divorced also cost company profit. In US alone, broken family cost business $300 billion annually. 


Why people in love but hurt each other most? Because we don't learn relationship skill in college. Most of us are willing to spend hours perfecting a skill of talent and career. Therefore, couples are poor communicators to know each other and hurt each other during conflict. How can we solve the problem of marriage and love scientifically and effectively?

It’s BEHAPPY, the 1st science based AI relationship coach in the world. We disrupted current relationship coach industry with combination of Psychology, Emotion AI, Neuroscience and Metaverse. With mobile and wearables, AI coach will help couples love each other forever. AI coach could also predict love trends with 90% efficiency.  


With Behappy, we could help 418Million couple globally. The more couple access the service, the more happy marriage and happy family, the more happy employee for high productivity. This would benefit company for high profits and high employee loyalty!

Our Story
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